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The National History Museum (London)

The website of the London National History Museum is an incredible resource for home educators.

It’s a website that’s as easy to navigate around as a museum is to walk around – ie. great for homeschoolers to explore on their own – and the website is jam-packed with resources for hundreds of lesson plans. It’s full of resources that can be used to add interest into home-ed lessons, or to inspire student-led project-based work.

If you’re looking for a resource that invites awe about the world we live in, this is a great one.

The material available on The National History Museum’s website covers a range of curriculum topics and additional resources that don’t fit neatly into a subject topic that can be used as writing exercises, discussion lessons, activism chat, inspiration and simply as off-timetable ‘expand their mind’ lessons.

Guides, like this Guide to Identifying Common Groups of Freshwater Invertebrates, can be used as a complete, ready-to-go lesson plan: diagrams, scientific terminology, reading aloud, exploration, discovery,

Guide to Identifying Common Groups of Freshwater Invertebrates

The website also offers some great ideas for lessons that step out of the classroom

  • and encourages kids to get involved – both with museum activities and with the wider world around them

For home educators, the list of ‘Try at Home’ activities are great prompts to include nature activities in a home-ed day.

The National History Museum in London is a perfect venue for home-ed school trips to complement a unit study or just inspire home learners to discover more about the world they live in; the website makes it easy to bring that inspiration into a home classroom on a virtual school trip.